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Massage Therapy
All our full body therapeutic massages are a unique blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques.
We use only pure aromatic essential oils. We invite you to relax and enjoy.

Specific Area Massage
30 minutes ~ $55
Swedish Massage
50 minutes ~ $79
Island Stone Therapy
50 minutes ~ $109
80 minutes ~ $169
Integrated Swedish Massage
50 minutes ~ $89
80 minutes ~ $149
Deep Tissue
50 minutes ~ $109
80 minutes ~ $169
Shiatsu, Thai or Acupressure
50 minutes ~ $109
"Inhaling, I felt new life flowing into my body, exhaling, I released the old. I really let go and relaxed at the Spa at Catalina.
When I left, I felt light as a feather, my stress had melted and I was floating.


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